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Pelvic floor physical therapy is right for everyone

Understanding how your Pelvic Floor works and how to heal it can only benefits you. Regardless if you have obvious issues of incontinence or hidden discomfort, understanding your body and its needs is a priority.

The pelvic floor is a group of muscles in the pelvic cavity (the hips) which help support the organs in expanding, contracting and excreting without falling; helps with posture, promotes optimal movement patterns, sexual functions, and adapts with pregnancy, labor and delivery and postpartum.

This rockstar of a group of muscles is what we are most passionate about. Educating patients, manually treating and giving tools for every individual to problem solve through their individual needs is how we find success in all of our patients.

At Mobile Physical Therapy we treat women and children. The philosophy of the pelvis in this clinic is to treat across the lifespan and the changes that emerge from utero to puberty, pregnancy, postpartum and menopause.

Dr. Christina Klausner

Dr. Christina Klausner founded Mobile Physical Therapy in August of 2020 when she realized she needed to do more for moms (tired moms, who always put themselves last). As a mom of three children all under the age of 4, she quickly realized she wasn’t fulfilling her own needs and started her healing journey. She envisioned a practice that would meet all of her needs, which often revolved around a busy schedule, a messy home, loads of laundry and those pushed down feelings of discomfort. She did just that.

Word spread and business boomed to the point where Christina had to remind herself why she started this business in the first place: to treat moms with quality care and to have time to be with her own family. She had to pivot, keep her goal clear, work to live, not live to work.

Change; as scary as that word can be, it can also be the lifeboat. She made a change to continue to prioritize her family and transitioned to an office setting in Mendham, her hometown. The name stayed the same and it is confusing at times, but this name is ever so special to her, it was the start of something great.

Her village began to grow. She currently partners with YogiAnatomy founders, Dr. Ellen Anderson and Dr. Lori Zucker, to teach other rehab professionals on the topic of Pelvic Health through a yogic perspective. This was a natural relationship. After her first course, students were eager to learn more post-sessions and due to overwhelming requests for more, they continue to work together to provide continuing education courses to rehab professionals.

Christina specializes in pelvic health for women and children. She has an integrative approach to her treatment. Each person takes a journey with Christina. A deep dive into their past medical history reveals so much information which is the key to success in the long-term effects of Christina’s practice.

Dr. Christina Klausner graduated from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey ( a student of Dr. Lori Zucker and Dr. Ellen Anderson) in 2012 and earned the Outstanding Clinical Performance Certificate. Upon graduation, her career was mainly focused on hospital-based practices where she worked at Hackensack Hospital. After she married her husband, David, she transferred to Morristown Medical Center.

She now resides in Mendham with her husband and three children, Jamie, Jackie, Bryce, and her firstborn, Otto, her shar pei.

Debbie Fox-Lopez, RYT 500

Debbie Fox-Lopez, RYT 500, is a mother of two, yoga instructor and writer. Debbie began practicing yoga in 2003 as a form of exercise but quickly realized it offered something much deeper for her body and mind. Inspired to share the benefits she had experienced with others, she completed a 500 hour professional yoga teacher training and apprenticeship through YogaWorks in the Bay Area. She taught in corporate and studio settings before relocating across the country and becoming a mom.

As her family grew, Debbie found that what her body and mind needed from her yoga practice had changed. She began focusing more on breath work and strength and stability, particularly in the core, and completed Pelvic Floor Yoga Teacher Training by Leslie Howard.

Debbie is passionate about sharing the practice of yoga, especially with women, to help them find strength and ease in their bodies and minds and a greater sense of presence in their lives. Her classes offer breath-centered movement with a focus on alignment and moments for reflection with soulful music throughout.