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Providing comprehensive, high quality concierge physical therapy for people of all ages and all conditions.

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We provide true one on one care with extensive communication amongst all your healthcare providers. We look at you as whole, not just a body part. The quality of your care matters and it has to be unique to your needs. Our job is not done until we find the answers to your complaints or guide you towards finding the proper resources to help.

Our mobile outpatient clinic treats but is not limited to: post surgical, chronic and acute injuries, neck and back pain, pediatrics, gait dysfunctions, vestibular, cardiovascular, orthopedic conditions, jaw aches(TMJ), torticollis, headaches, concussions, postural deviations, pre and postnatal care, pelvic floor, and any sports injuries.

Athletes and Active Lifestyles

Do you have a competition you have been training for? We can be there the morning of or night before to help you prepare for these events.

Post competition, and you’re achy or just not feeling right? We can be there too! This is the ideal way to set your body and mind up for success on the field, in the water, on the road, in the game or match.

Small Business and Corporate Ergonomics Course

We, as physical therapists, are experts in movement and there is a need to educate about ergonomics.

What is ergonomics? The study of efficiency of people’s working environment. We provide courses to address the lack of efficiency in your environment, adapt to your needs and minimize overall strains to your body. Book a course with Mobile Physical Therapy and you will experience a whole new way of moving.

Physical Therapy is over, now what?

Discharged from physical therapy and not sure what to do next other than your home exercise program? Let us take a second look and guide you towards continued progress and to achieve your goals.

Phases of Physical Therapy


A comprehensive total body examination, communication amongst all providers involved, objective findings to start the building blocks of your unique treatment plan.


Your individual plan will vary from session to session based on what you communicate to your therapist. If there is no change in two weeks, a re-evaluation will be planned to continue to find solutions.

Home Exercise Program (HEP)

We will establish an attainable home exercise program, that you will be held accountable for. A weekly check in outside of the treatment session will be scheduled and any modifications will be made at your next appointment.


CONGRATULATIONS! You have now graduated! An extensive report will be released to you of your start, progress and goals achieved, along with your new home exercise program that will be motivating to keep up with!

Check in

Just say hi! and how life is going, tell me stories of your new pain free life! And remember, Mobile PT is always here for all your physical therapy needs.

Client Testimonials

Mobile Physical Therapy

Owned and operated by Christina Klausner Physical Therapist, Doctorate of Physical Therapy

Christina Klausner PT, DPT graduated from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey in 2012, a recipient of the most prestigious “Outstanding Clinical Practice” award.

Upon graduation, she worked in a private practice but soon, she found herself looking for more. She then switched gears and dedicated herself to the Quality over Quantity discipline and joined the prestigious Hackensack University Medical Center and Morristown Medical Center, working both inpatient and outpatient. For over a decade she felt privileged to treat patients from the ICU to professional athletes of all ages.

Her mission is to bring professional care and make positive, attainable changes to patients’ lives across all age groups.